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We have a wide range of services ranging from Buying, selling and exchange of basic ores of gold, silver and other precious metals right to scrap gold and refining to storage. Our main service is in trading gold and silver scraps. We offer the best value for trading gold and silver scraps and providing the option to exchange for kilo bars, tola bars. Our professional services converting the scraps into pure gold or silver with the right weight  and convert them into bars. Please note Pure gold- weight of the tested gold scrap bars is calculated for an estimate of the exchange value.


Other services include trading with a dealign desk and refinement and storage. Why not get in touch to see how we can assist with your requirements. 

Refining Services


When it comes to precious metals refining can be defined as the process of purifying and extract the true metal. DAV BULLION has specialized in implementing a unique chemical process for gold which to purify gold from gold scraps, gold jewelries, old gold ornaments and from dore bars. Experience and proven methods enables DAV BULLION  the best management of gold in any forms DAV BULLION is dedicated to lead from the front in this segment, especially when it comes to the scrap gold.

Assaying Services


We employ all the latest and proven methods in Assaying . Cupellation method is the most popular one also known as Fire Assay. We also make use of Fluorescence using X – Ray to identify the different elements that may reside in inside the alloys. If purity cannot be determined using the Fire Assay Method, then we put into use ICP method. By making use of proven methods we identify the accurate purity and also extract out chemical concentration and other chemical present in it.

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